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D’Liras: a project cared and thought for in every detail to relish one of the foods with some of the richest history and tradition. The frozen world captured in our popsicles does not have a limit in creativity. Formed by a team of professionals captained and guided by Mario Ramirez and Claudia Suarez that gives us their passion and love for this art in every flavor.

Boundless Designs

The formulation and combination of our ingredients and techniques allow us to expand and elaborate on a limitless variety of flavors- imagination and devotion breed our products.

Fresh and Natural

We have been careful to select ingredients of the highest quality to use in the creation of our products, contributing to their overall freshness and natural composition.

And you, what do you prefer?

A perfect combination

The aroma and warmth of an exquisite coffee. The taste and crunch of a well-made croissant. We want you to enjoy your mornings with our efforts to start you off to a good day. The afternoon heat and the desire for a good dessert are satisfied with our popsicles, both delicious and delightful in experience. As the day turns to night, transitioned by a beautiful South Florida sunset, our selection of wines and champagnes provides you with the perfect cool-down to another day passed. This is what we call the perfect combination.

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