The elaboration of our popsicles follows a special approach in which artistry, new technology, and the dedication of a group of professionals in each step of the process give us as a result a product of excellent quality. 

The prime materials we use for the development of our products are excellent and we’re careful to respect each part of the process. This allows our clients to savor the flavor and smoothness in each of our presentations. 

We have made or own mixture made of whole milk, heavy whipping cream, cane sugar, and natural stabilizers. All of this is combined with the proper duration of maturation and indicated temperature to achieve the end of the process. 

Using that mixture with the addition of chocolate 100% cacao, 100% Colombian coffee of Arabic variety, and caramel from Mexico we achieve a variety of options concerning different flavors, textures, and aromas that turn each popsicle into an unforgettable experience. In the same manner, for our fruit popsicles we have chosen materials in the likes of 100% natural pasteurized purees without sugar. These purees are Kosher certified and do not contain any GMOs

The difference between ice cream and a gelato is in its fat contents. While ice cream is usually made of 22-25% fat, our gelati contains an average of 8% fat. Nonetheless, the mastery of its development leaves us with a product enriched with a smooth and delicate texture, also comprised of unmatched flavors with our standard of high quality and Kosher certification.

The perfect complement towards enjoying a great experience in D’Liras would not be complete without some good coffee. In company with our coffee, we present assorted baked goods made by us and with classic recipes, techniques, and ingredients of the best quality, leading to the perfect combination.