D’Liras is dedicated to and worries for the environment around us. We are strong believers in minimizing environmental impact as much as possible, and we understand that our planet desperately needs our help in doing so. To follow the beliefs and concerns we have for the Earth as humans, not just as a company, we source certain products from companies whose primary or major concerns are to make products with recycled, reused, or environmentally friendly materials and practices. For example, our plates and spoons come from recycled material that will once again be recycled when used. Additionally, we have eliminated single-use plastic products from use in our Wilton Manors location- you will not find a single plastic bag, spoon, cup, or otherwise environmentally unfriendly product distributed by D’Liras. Our planet can only be as healthy as we allow it to be. We believe that we have a duty to protect the environment to the best of our abilities and we have worked hard to make sure that D’Liras reflects that.